Day of Inspiration!

Hello everyone! 

Today’s adventure began with an inspiration. (Or several, in fact.) First off, I was visiting a blog I love, and found this WONDERFUL idea… Make-your-own-fabric!! What a cool thing!!!! (Yes, click on the link… you’ll be in love Spoonflower too!!!! Hats off to their fantastic idea, and they will probably get some of my money in the future! 🙂 

Then, I got the brainy idea to try my hand at slipcovering someday soon. The fall season always does this to me… makes me want to stay at home and do projects that I would have never thought up in the busy seasons of life. 

Mom brought me back to earth and we went upstairs to clean our bedrooms, and was mine ever in desperate need! I retired all my re-enacting clothes for the winter *sniff*, and then had a moment of brilliancy. (They come but rarely, and should always be celebrated with something… chocolate… ice cream… soy Chai from Starbucks… :-D) Needless to say, this is the result. 


The beginning of my slip-covering project…


Part of my plan requires switching out bedsteads. 


The final resting place of my newly slip-covered chair. Actually, it’s going there before it’s finished. 


There’s still lots to be done, but it’s getting closer! Wish me luck, as we still have to put a new bedstead up, re-arrange some furniture, and do some organizing! 🙂 God Bless!


November 10, 2008. Uncategorized.

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