Back again, after a long absence!

I’m always fussing if a regular blogger doesn’t put a new post up. Yet, while I’m wishing for something new to read on a favorite blog, I don’t remember to look back at myself, especially since I haven’t updated in QUITE a while! So, I’m back again, and the Christmas season is fast approaching. 

How are my readers doing with their Christmas preparations? I must confess, I didn’t get all my decorations up in my room, but three small trees will have to do. I doubt the other ornaments will fit on those, and I’m not going to pull down a fourth tree! We have been on a few house tours this month, and I’m looking forward to the next few we go to. 🙂 At the last house tour we stopped in an antique store, and Dad bought me a cute little telephone number book…. with a twist! It’s truly a “telephone” book! 🙂


The telephone numbers are organized through the use of the rotary dial on the front. Once you spin to the letter you want, you push the finger-stop sideways to open the book.

In other news, Mom sent me something fun through my e-mail that you all might enjoy playing with, too! If anyone has used Yahoo’s I.M, you’ll have a blast with their emoticon carolers! 🙂 Send it to a friend, have fun making your own special lyrics, or just get a laugh all by yourself! 


December 12, 2008. Christmas, Family, Fun, Fun Finds, Happiness.


  1. goodbadandugly2 replied:

    very cool phone!

  2. Too cool Kate! replied:

    Excellent book 😎 The ultimate in “retro” 😉

  3. Jordan Boesch replied:

    Is it a telephone or an address book that operates like a telephone? Whatever it is or does, it’s cool! =)

  4. A new Project… « Daffodil Happiness replied:

    […] I go any further, I must apologize for the lack of explanation on my previous post! The “book” I was writing about is a telephone number/address book. It’s a very […]

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