More Organizing!

So, I seem to have an obsession with organizing lately. Or maybe it’s just that I’d really like to have a clean slate to work from in the sewing room. 🙂 Today I had a grand time, listening to my IPod (yes, again!) and putting new labels on storage bins in the sewing room. 



These bins were shipped to the store holding candles… once they were empty, Mom wisely brought the empty bins home, and they have been put to good use ever since! 



The labels are courtesy of A Print A Day from her Lace collection. Thanks so much for designing!



The fabric bins Mom got at Lowe’s a while ago. Doesn’t the new curtain match nicely?



New tags on other bins! Hooray! 



A shelf on which I keep supplies. Did I ever mention how much I love Mason Jars? 🙂



And last, but certainly not least, there are also matching labels on top of the wide-mouth mason jars! 


Well, I think I’ve posted enough about organizing! Y’all are probably getting bored. 🙂 Have to go do some stuff around the house now… God Bless!


December 27, 2008. Fun, Organizing, Projects.

One Comment

  1. Kate's Mom replied:

    Wow, Kate! I really like these bursts of organizational energy!!!

    Mom 🙂

    P.S. The sewing room looks great!

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