New Curtains!

I got a new organizer for my sewing room, which has LONG needed attention. So, today, I stepped in the rather scary area of disorganized fabric, trims, re-enacting gear, and proceeded to get to work! I managed to stuff the rest of my feedsacks into my “vintage fabric” bin, the linens in the linen bin, and so on. I moved on, trying to find places for things that needed a home. (All the while listening to my IPod! :-)) By 1:00 I had made significant progress, and I took a break during the afternoon. 

Deciding to go back to see if I could do anything more, I made a LOT more headway, and ended up doing a quick project that really needed done. The poor, old, curtains were faded, not to mention the fact that they no longer match the sewing room since Mom got new organizing bins for all my fabric! 🙂



The original curtains have lasted us a long while, but really needed to go!

So, thanks to some a fabric piece I found for $6 at a fabric store, I was able to whip up a new curtain! The fabric exactly matches the organizing bins that Mom bought, as well as the new color of paint that needs to be applied! 



The new curtains still work with the sign that Mom’s had hanging in the room since it was her art studio! I was thrilled, since I love that sign. It’s been there for as long as I can remember! 


I still need to get Dad to move the curtain rod up a little bit, since I didn’t put a ruffle on the top of this curtain, but all in all I’m very pleased. The sewing room looks totally different! Isn’t it nice how one little change can make a whole room fresh and bright? The good news is that there is still enough fabric to use for something else… maybe chair pads for the chairs at the sewing table! We’ll see… 😀 

In other news, today I also started a batch of bread dough using the all amazing Artisan Bread book, which I think is just about the neatest cookbook on the market. 🙂 I’m sure our guests tomorrow will enjoy the bread, and I’ll be making some of it for Monday, when I am blessed to spend time with very dear friends! 

Well, that’s all for now; I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Now, off to change the template for my blog, seeing as Christmas is past us! 🙂 God Bless!


December 27, 2008. Cooking, Fun, Happiness, Organizing, Projects, Sewing.

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