Busy Beaver…

Hello everyone! I’ve been a busy beaver since my last post! I’ve updated my Shop, so please visit and see the new items! (In fact, I’m adding some new bread/tea towels right now!) 

With my sewing room organized, I’ve had a lot of bursts of creative energy lately, and the results make me a happy camper! 🙂 Mom and I went shopping the other day, and I found some new treasures… one of them being a collection of four vintage iron-on transfer patterns! I’m thrilled to pieces with them, and have already (as seen on my shop) been putting them to good use. As a result of my newfound happiness, I’d like to share some with you, and I’ll be posting one of the patterns on here soon for you to use! 


These patterns are so much fun!

As a last hurrah before going back to work, I squeezed orange juice yesterday, and it’s the best! Don’t you just love fresh orange juice? Mom had gotten a whole box of oranges, and we couldn’t eat all of them that quickly, so basically half the box has been squeezed into orange juice. I may just finish up the box, since we’ve already gone through half of the pitcher already. Fresh orange juice is a rare occurrence around here, so it’s pretty special stuff! 🙂 

God Bless, and I hope everyone’s having a delightful new year! 


January 6, 2009. Cooking, Embroidery, Etsy, Fun Finds, Projects, Shop.

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