Happy Camper! (And Freebie Friday)

Hello everyone! I know I haven’t written in a while, but I’ve been working… and crafting in between times! I had a post all planned about one of my recent (personal) projects, but that will have to wait, as I am SO excited about my latest find at two separate antique stores! Would you ever believe it?


Isn’t this set just adorable??

The funniest thing is that it wasn’t sold as a set! I found the cups at an antique store for 10 bucks, and then I came across the coffee pot at a totally different store for $24, and it was 15% off of that! Talk about a really happy camper! This set of coffee gear just makes me want to go outside and light a fire… but it will have to wait, as it’s REALLY COLD outside! 🙂

Some of you know that I have been “Hopechesting” for years… it all started when I was 11, and bought my first antique, an 18th century blanket chest which I wanted to use as a hope chest. Well, my hopechest has since outgrown my blanket chest, my bedroom, my parent’s house, and now my grandmother is letting me store larger items in her old home! :-O It’s been a fun hobby throughout my high school years, and I still love it when I find something that is useful and vintage to add to my collection.

Well, I gotta run for now! Be on the lookout for a new post soon! God Bless!


I have decided to start “Freebie Fridays” which I will try to be consistent about! (I promise!) 🙂 I’ll be posting a free vintage embroidery pattern or something similar every Friday! Today’s Freebie Friday is an adorable vintage pattern from those patterns I wrote about in my last post! To print the pattern, you can click the link below the photo and download the image in a printable Word document. Enjoy!



If you have a freebie and you’d like to join in the fun, click on the link below to add the link to your “Freebie” blog post! (Please, add a link to the direct post, and not to your main blogging site.)


January 9, 2009. Embroidery, Freebie Friday, Fun, Fun Finds, Hopechesting.

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