Pizza Dough and Projects

Hello everyone!

Did you all have a good weekend? I certainly did, and had a delightful day before and after church yesterday working on projects, cooking and making messes in the kitchen. I woke up with all kinds of energy, so embarked upon making Sunday morning breakfast… I used up some more oranges for juice, made French toast (a first attempt!), and sliced a few pears. It turned out pretty good!

In the afternoon I worked on projects around the house, and as you can tell, I’m having a grand time with the CSS editing I bought for my blog! I needed to throw out a loaf of bread dough to rise, so that was finished, then I got thinking about dinner. Searching on the internet I found a pizza dough recipe, and decided upon that for dinner. It turned out quite good, and was very simple to make! 🙂


The extra pizza was made without cheese just in case I want to eat it for lunch today!

So today is my last day of the weekend, before going back to work. My piano is getting tuned this morning, and then I hope to get into all kinds of other projects in the afternoon… who knows what I’ll get into!


This lovely cake plate was at the store, when I found it had been used as a display item for candles and such, and had a stain and a chip. Of course I just had to fix it somehow, and used copies of an old feedbag to make a paper cover! 


Have a blessed day, everyone! Enjoy this lovely, chilly weather we’re having! 


“I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.”
~Laura Ingalls Wilder~ 


January 12, 2009. Cooking, Happiness, Projects.

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