I Heart my Iron

Hello there, everyone! Yes, I know, odd title. 🙂 But I really do love my iron. I just love to iron! My great-grandmother always loved ironing, and I think I inherited it from her. When I was little she would let me practice by giving me a warm iron and hankies (she always carried a real hankie), keeping a close eye on me so I wouldn’t burn myself!

And I don’t like these modern irons with all the fancy equipment on them. Nope, the old-fashioned way is definitely the best! My iron is a small travel-iron that was my great-grandmother’s. After she passed away, the family iron gave up the ghost, and I confiscated this one from Nana Anne’s collection to add to my own. 


Isn’t she a beauty? Yes, that’s me in the reflection. 🙂

Nana Anne had a few good tips for ironing as well. As always, some come with experience, and I’d rather you play it safe than risk burning your house down! But these tips have worked great for me over the years. 

1. To get your iron to glide smoothly over fabric, heat it up to a warm setting (not too hot), and iron the waxed side of a piece of wax paper. This makes your iron work like a dream!

2. To get out wrinkles from a problem fabric, try laying a damp washcloth/tea towel overtop your fabric, then iron on the washcloth/ tea towel.

3. For those problem fabrics that just won’t unwrinkle, this tip is a favorite of mine. (PLEASE be careful if you’re trying this!) Wet a paper towel , squeeze out the excess water, and lay it over your fabric. Ironing the wet paper towel overtop your material (on a warm setting) acts almost like a steamer, and even the most stubborn of wrinkles are gone! (MAKE SURE you RE-WET your paper towel as SOON as it is dry!) I tend to use this method more than a washcloth/tea towel because I can see the material underneath, and while you are ironing it is much easier to keep it flat. It also works faster because there’s not the thickness of another layer of fabric. 

4. And this is my own personal tip, but I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed having a nice ironing spray! Our local health food store stocks Mrs. Meyer’s products, and their Lavender Ironing spray is my all-time favorite! I don’t know how I lived without it! (They have three different scents, but the lavender is by far the best!)

5. You can also use an old Coke bottle and add a clothes sprinkler. I have an original vintage one, but Lehman’s Country store sells them brand new for a cheap price!


I have been ironing a lot lately, since a friend got me started crocheting sweet things to celebrate Valentine’s Day! (Thanks for the pattern, Miss T! :-)) I found a pretty pattern for granny square hearts, and this is the result!


These little hearts have been crocheted on a chain for a shelf or window decoration.

While making these, I had to go back and find my starching recipe… I really prefer to make my own starch, and it’s so easy! 

Take 1/2 c. of water, heat it up (not to boiling, though!), and add 1 Tablespoon of cornstarch. I like to keep my starch in two places: a spray bottle, for quick starching, and in a small plastic bowl with a lid (so it’s microwave safe). Each time you use the starch, just heat it up in a microwave safe container, stir it up, and this will make sure the starch doesn’t splotch on your fabric. I usually dip the item in starch (or spray it), and then give it a quick rinse in tap water, just to make sure the starch doesn’t leave spots. Enough starch stays in the piece to ensure stiffness, and this has worked great for me. 

If anyone would be interested in purchasing the hearts as a shelf/window decoration, or as small ornaments, leave me a comment, and I’ll post them on my shop! 

Oh, and make sure to go to my sister’s blog and join in the give-away fun! She’s giving away a print, and I would hope you all participate!

Well, I’m going to have a cup of tea before retiring! God Bless, and have a wonderful evening!


January 22, 2009. Crocheting, Fun, Ironing, Projects, Shop.

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    Ok, I’m done being excited and shouting at you now. 😉


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