And a cough.

Halloo everyone! This week has been a busy one! I’m working on pulling several things together, and thankfully have had a pretty calm day today. It snowed last night, and my small corner of the world looked like it was covered in micah glitter this morning! How pretty! 

Unfortunately, I also woke up with a little bit of a cough. You know when you feel a little bug coming on, and you just don’t have time for it? Of course, it always seems that way, but I REALLY don’t have time for it! There are things to do, places to be, and people to talk to! So I’m taking double doses of vitamins, and drinking plenty of Gypsy Cold Care Tea, my all-time favorite herbal tea. (I drink it even without a cough!) It works great, and I find it even works for those times when you’re having allergy and sinus trouble. Try it!

So, here I sit… finally getting to relax for the evening. I worked on some self-portraits today, and few turned out, which you might get to see, if I’m happy enough with one! 🙂


Even though this isn’t the exact loaf I made today, it gives you a good idea of what I made today! Homemade bread with fresh-ground flour is so yummy!

I probably won’t have time to post before the weekend, so I’ll be back with more pictures! God Bless, and have a wonderful weekend! 


February 6, 2009. Cooking, Fun, Life, Projects.

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