Good Garden Magic

Hello everyone! Yes, it’s been a fun but crazy weekend, and I didn’t have the time I had hoped to get back on here and post. However, I’ve had time to do other fun things, including getting in my garden for the first time this year! Hooray! I’ve pulled out a little over half of the dead things (namely, the dead weeds that are taller than me), and am now getting excited about planning it. 🙂 So, out come my garden books. I’m going to try to start from seeds on a lot of things, which is always more exciting. 


I had fun editing this photo with Photoshop Elements!

So, I’m thinking all kinds of things for my garden, which includes going to the local health food store and checking out their seed packets. I’m rather picky, and don’t like to grow things that are altered by humans (plants that God intended to have seeds should be grown with seeds!).  

I just love my “Good Garden Magic” book, almost as much for the graphics as for the gardening tips it holds within! It’s a delightful mix of fun vintage ads and back-to-basics gardening tips. I found one of these books on sale a few years ago, and Mom since bought me the others in the series. So fun and cute! 

After I finished weeding, I came inside and made a few garden kneelers, thin kneeling pads to keep your knees tidy while digging around in the dirt. I love to dig, but I also don’t want to ruin a nice pair of jeans (and I always forget to change into “messy” clothes when I go out to garden!). They turned out cute, and I have a feeling mine will be much used.

In other news, I gave a set of programs at an Assisted Living Center today… What fun! That was the neatest Assisted Living center I’ve ever been in… they had black and white Cary Grant movies playing in the living room area, a jukebox in the dining room with the good oldies, and a hair salon just for the ladies. There was a kitchen set up like “Grandma’s” in case anyone wanted a snack or some coffee, and they had stereos in the living rooms set up with CD’s of the good old singers, like Johnny Cash and Frank Sinatra. I wanted to live there, which Mom thought was hilarious. 😀 But it really would be so much fun! 

It really seemed like the people who planned the Center really went out of their way to create a home-like atmosphere and a place where the elderly folks felt comfortable. With old-fashioned movies and music, I felt like I was home! 🙂 



And, because I’m getting into photography… here is my kitty, Oreo, “helping” me. She enjoys helping me, especially when I’m sewing, usually by sitting in the middle of my fabric and trying to look cute. 

Well, this is quite a lengthy post now, I will head out for now, and maybe eat some ice cream… sounds yummy! God Bless, and have a wonderful evening! 


February 17, 2009. Family, Fun, Garden, Happiness, Life, Photography, Programs.

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