White Walls and Un-Bowling!

Hello everyone! Well, it has been an eventful two days here on the farm! Yesterday I had two friends come over because we were going bowling, and we had quite an adventure! We went to the bowling alley, and it was PACKED! So we put our name in, and decided to head to Dairy Queen for a bite to eat. Well, then we had to get a part for my friend’s Falcon, and by the time we got back, we had taken too long, and there was a waiting list of 5 different groups before we get a lane! We figured at that point that waiting was for the birds, and we called in pizzas and picked them up for dinner. We finally headed home, and played cards until WAAAY past our bedtime! 🙂 It was grand fun, and I had a blast. 

This morning I woke up really early… partly due to a stuffy nose, and partly due to an overdose of caffeine the night before. However, it was lovely this morning, a little rainy, and only slightly chilly, so I bundled up in blankets and sat on the front porch. (I’ve decided I need a rocking chair. Anyone know where I can get one?) 

This afternoon, after church, Dad and I went to get new tires that a new friend graciously offered to give me! Yep, you read right… a set of 5 white-wall tires, basically brand new, and he even put them on for free! 🙂 I think they look great… 



Don’t you agree?

I’d say my truck has been pampered this week! Last Sunday my grandfather gave her a good greasing, ’cause she desperately needed it. Now with the addition of the new tires, she drives like a dream! Plus, the white-walls look fantastic! Now I’m starting to feel the need for caffeine. It might be time for tea! God bless, and everyone have a wonderful Sunday evening! 🙂


Tea, The Cure – All
If you are cold, tea will warm you.
If you are too heated, tea will cool you.
If you are too depressed, tea will cheer you.
If you are too exhausted, tea will calm you!

~William Gladstone~


February 22, 2009. '64 pick-up, Family, Friends, Fun, Happiness, Life, Sunday.

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