Hello and good morning, everyone! Here I sit, at the computer, all ready for the day. I’m looking forward to running errands for Mom, since I want to show my pick-up and her new sneakers off to the world! 

I’m beginning work on a new photography assignment, which could prove to be very fun! I’m going to find a phrase, quote, or poem, that I think is neat, and take a picture to match or somehow correspond with the saying! I’ve been looking through my quote book for ideas. My quote book is a lined notebook I keep handy, and whenever I find a new quote or saying I like, I grab my quote book and write it down! So last night I went through a book of poems and saying and wrote a few more into my quote book. (Which is fast filling up!) 

The following is appropriate, considering I’m still suffering from the left-overs of my cold

My Nose, Dorothy Aldis

It doesn’t breathe; 
 It doesn’t smell;
It doesn’t feel
So very well.

I am discouraged
With my nose:
The only thing it
Does is blows. 

I found that very amusing. 🙂 And here’s one of my new favorites, that I think will be a good one for a matching photo:

“Common sense is genius in homespun.”
~Alfred North Whitehead~

And yet another one, in honor of (and in warning to!!!!) several of my pyrotechnic guy friends: 

Little Willie

Willie saw some dynamite,
Couldn’t understand it quite;
Curiosity seldom pays:
It rained Willie seven days. 

Okay, may I say that the first time I read that I got a side-stitch from laughing? I REALLY want to use this one for my photography project, so I could use ideas! Any ideas, from those creative, artsy, crafty, and photography oriented people out there? 🙂 The photo doesn’t have to match it exactly… and since Dynamite is hard to come by, and I’d rather not have it rain anybody for any length of time, I’ll need lots of fun and creative ideas! 


The detail from my last photography project, where I tried to capture the smoke from a blown-out match.

So now y’all will have to use your imagination, and help me create one about poor Little Willie! 😉 😀 Thanks in advance for your ideas, God Bless, and have a wonderful day! 


February 23, 2009. '64 pick-up, Fun, Life, Photography, Quotage.

One Comment

  1. Jordan - Blessed Road Photography replied:

    Oooh! Very interesting project! I’ll have to be thinking about some ideas for you! I’m actually going to start a music lyrics project here pretty shortly – I think I’ll use it for my self-portraits but I’m not totally sure. I’m also going to start going to a thrift shop for some props too…I have a bunch of ideas right now floating around in my head. =P

    The smoke picture is so cool! You really should start posting more of your project pics on Flickr so I can SEE THEM! Did you try putting a light to the side of the smoke, like a flashlight? It might illuminate it more (although I’ve never tried capturing smoke before).

    Ok, off I go…some stuff to do…

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