Sunday Afternoon

Hello everyone! It has been a quiet weekend here, and we’ve had a wonderful Sunday together as a family. I just love those rare moments when you get real family time, when there’s nothing to be done (or at least, nothing that you feel like doing! ;-)), and  you can just relax, talk, and be still together. So that has been my afternoon. I’ve managed to get some crocheting done, and I’m going to pop on the internet and start looking for a few more cute patterns. 

In preparation for Easter, I thought it would be neat to crochet crosses into ornaments. Usually they are used for Bible Bookmarks, these crosses are made following the pattern on a bookmark a dear friend gave me recently. I made them a little smaller, and added a crocheted loop to hang. Wouldn’t they look lovely on a tree, or even hanging in the windows? These still need starched, but I’ll wait until I have a few more to get out my starching equipment. 🙂 If you’re interested in purchasing some cross ornaments, these are $4.50 each (plus shipping and handling). Just leave a comment, and I’ll be in touch!



These ornaments are resting on my Bible, with the cover my Mom embroidered for me when I was little.  

We’re supposed to get a pretty fierce storm here in the next few days. I will confess, I’m the first to say that I LOVE snow, but I’ve got spring fever now! 🙂 I’m so looking forward to wonderful, 70 degree, sunny days… which are perfect for walks, gardening, and spending time sitting under the maple tree with a good book in hand. I do love to sit under our maple tree. Even in the dead of summer, there’s almost always a breeze under it, and if you lay a blanket out, it’s a perfect way to spend a spring or summer afternoon! (Now you KNOW I have spring fever, right? :-)) I’m looking forward to the day when a tree branch is strong enough to hang a swing. I’ve always wanted a swing under that tree… perhaps in the next year or two, Dad will get time to make one and hang it! 🙂 

God Bless, and y’all have a wonderful Sunday evening!

“It is comforting to know that not only the steps but also the stops of a good man are ordered by the Lord.”
~George Mueller~ 


March 1, 2009. Clothing, Crocheting, Family, Fun, Life, Projects, Sunday.

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