A Relaxing Day…

Good morning, everyone, and happy Monday morning!

The blue sky looks promising… another lovely day outside, and I’m planning on getting out and digging in the dirt! Perhaps I can get Mr. Muscles (aka Dad) to turn some compost over for me… 🙂

We had a delightful weekend, visited the home of good friends, where I ate and enjoyed my first shrimp, and then played cards until we were ready to drop! It’s so nice to have good friends to spend time with.

Yesterday my Pop-pop was putting in a lovely white picket fence for Nana Mel’s new colonial kitchen garden, and Dad went over in the afternoon to help. We girls, having nothing better to do, (actually, nothing that we wanted to do!) decided to go over and “help.” Nana Mel was intrigued by the post-hole digger, and thought it looked easy, until I told her it wasn’t. Then Mom explained, “We are here to point to where the holes should be.” We all thought that was funny and burst into laughter, and the men (who heard our conversation) just kept on digging… 🙂 So, we watched, waited, talked, ate snacks (and got the men some too!), and just generally wasted the entire afternoon. We spent a glorious day doing absolutely nothing, and got I my nose and cheeks burnt a nice pink-ish color.

We all need those afternoons, don’t we? Where you just relax, and take a moment to enjoy the everyday. I just found a book on the bookshelf that was Nana Anne’s (I got a lot of her books), and I began reading it last night. I’m only one chapter in to it, but it’s so good! I would highly encourage you to find a copy and read it!

It’s mainly about the use of your time… how to wisely use the time we have here on earth. However, it’s not the usual “rush, rush, rush” mentality… in fact, quite the opposite. Phillip Keller writes about taking time to enjoy the simple, everyday things. To relax and enjoy the creation that God made. How often I need reminding of that, especially when my days are so full of *things* that keep me busy. There are so many gems of wisdom in this book, it’s hard for me to pick one to share with you! (And remember, I’m only in the first chapter!!)

What do I do wth this gift of time, entrusted so tenderly to my care? Should I waste it on worry and fretting? Or will I learn to fling myself happily into my Father’s warm embrace, and whisper softly, “Oh my Beloved, I am in Your care. Lead me gently to see life through Your eyes today.” Then it will be a treasure!
~Phillip Keller, Strength of Soul~


A view of my piano, which is my stress-reliever and relaxer. 🙂

God Bless, and I hope you all have a wonderful day! Enjoy this lovely weather!


March 9, 2009. Family, Friends, Fun, Garden, Happiness, Life, Monday.

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