The results of a photoshoot!

Hello all! How are you this fine, rainy evening? 

I thought y’all might enjoy seeing the results of a recent photoshoot! A dear friend allowed me to take some pictures of her daughter, and we had a grand time goofing off, taking hilarious candids, and some crazy self-portraits (including one of me wearing a tiara!). There were, as always, a few that really turned out well, and so I had a grand time editing them on photoshop. Enjoy!



This photo was so fun to edit!


I love the snow in her hair.


A little chef, complete with the hat and flour on her hands!


I know, I’ve been telling you all for weeks that I need to get in my sewing room… it’s still true! I may have inspiration tomorrow, since it looks like a quiet, rainy weekend. I hope to show off some new projects soon! I have all kinds of ideas… 😀 

Well, it’s getting a bit late for me to be up… God Bless, and have a wonderful evening! 


“Seek the wisdom of the ages, but look at the world through the eyes of a child.”
~Ron Wild~ 


March 14, 2009. Cooking, Friday, Friends, Fun, Photography, Portraits, Snow.

One Comment

  1. Kim replied:

    Hey Kate! Great pictures! I LOVE the perfectly pink snowsuit, teetering on the edge of some serious mud. She looks likes she’s pondering the mixture!

    And the baking pictures are my very favorite!

    Mom 🙂

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