Hot Rods!

Hello again!

Okay, so I didn’t get in the sewing room today. In fact, I found a much better place to be… a car show! Dad and I went down to see an indoor antique/hot rod car show, and boy did we ever have fun! I needed pictures for a photography project, and he… well, he was coming along for security and for the fun on it. 😀 So we made it an afternoon, and ended up staying there for over 2 hours. A friend said I should put my truck in there… who knows? Maybe next year… 🙂 Not realizing it was St. Patty’s Day weekend, I walked out of the house not wearing a stitch of green today. However, I got LOTS of thumbs up from people walking the streets, because I was driving my green ’64 pick-up! That was fun.  

It’s fun walking around, looking slightly official with a big camera. I even got to swap lenses with another photographer, who was working at a booth showcasing a sweet little pick-up truck that was amazing! He let me use his wide angle lens, and I ran up the stairs to get a view from above. 



Wouldn’t you agree that it looks amazing?

There was a Beautiful Chevy pickup truck that I just fell in love with. (YES, I said CHEVY, to those of my car-loving friends that know me well.) A creamy ivory color. It was gorgeous. And there were white-wall tires galore. And now I want to take off my rims, take off the ivory paint, and paint them black so MY white-walls stand out. (I feel like those little kids that get so excited about telling you something that they can’t even get the words out!) AND… there’s going to be a car show this week that I can take my truck to. There’s nothing much better than eating hamburgers with your folks, listening to oldies being blasted on loudspeakers, and looking at old cars. Hooray!

Well, I suppose that’s enough excitement for one day… I need to head off and do some stuff! God Bless, and have a wonderful evening! 


“Cheerfulness is a yellow umbrella covering the rainy days of life.”
~Kimber Annie Engstrom~ 


March 15, 2009. Cars, Family, Fun, Life, Photography, Saturday.

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