So ugly it’s awesome.

Is that even possible? I don’t really think it could be, and yet… somehow, it is. *ponders the thought* Anyway, a friend that comes in the family store gave me a whole mess of old goodies (that she was going to send to the thrift store!) upon my request that she wouldn’t throw them out! Among them was this horribly ugly, awesome, chenille bedspread. I mean, this is one of those things that has such hideous colors that any normal person would want to throw it away!

But I couldn’t get rid of it. It’s ugly. It’s awesome. I LOVE IT. 😀 So, here is the bedspread, in all it’s color-horrific glory:



I’m sure you will agree… the brown looking background is actually more of a “pea green” color. Yep, baby blue and pea green. 😀


This afternoon it was finally time to cut it up! I began chopping, with only a slight idea of what I was working toward. What I didn’t realize is that the pattern on the blanket is not square… it’s diamond shaped. Well, it couldn’t possibly get any more hideous, so I figured I would follow the off-kilter design and make my project even more unusual. 😀  



My new/old messenger bag. Ugly, isn’t it? 

So, that is the newest addition to my collection of unusual things. 😀 It was a fun project, just something to get my interest back in the sewing room. Soon I’ll have more ideas and things to create! (And who knows? Perhaps I will turn this chenille bedspread into my very own “Blanket Statement” project!) God Bless, and have a wonderful Sunday afternoon! 

“Some days you just have to create your own sunshine.”
~Sam Sundquist~ 


March 15, 2009. Fun, Life, Projects, Sewing, Sunday.

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    […] other news, yesterday I made an “Ugly Bag” for my best friend’s graduation gift. (She said she liked it, so that’s what she got! […]

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