I’m in Love…

With Poladriod, that is! I found this just the other day, and today, for the first time, downloaded the free application and tested it out! Talk about fun!!! Now I can have polaroid pictures whenever I want… without the fuss of having to photoshop them! Seriously, you NEED to go check it out, and download it! It’s FREE!

And because I think it’s just the most awesome thing, y’all have to see my first Poladroid picture:



Aren’t clothes on the clothesline just the best ever?

Cool, huh? Anyways, everybody needs to go check it out. And you can be sure that you’ll see more polaroid pictures on here! 

In other news, you’ve probably noticed some changes on my blog. I’ve wanted to re-do it for a while, and though it may take time, the graphics are getting closer to what I would like. Bear with me, I’m terrible at editing CSS! 😉

I’ve been crocheting like crazy lately, but I’ll leave you in suspense as to what and why. 🙂 There will be a good post on that soon, I promise! 

Seeing as it’s nearly midnight, and I’ll need to be getting up early tomorrow, I suppose I’ll hit the sack! Have a good night, everyone! God Bless! 


“A man has happiness in the palms of his hands if he can fill his days with real work and his nights with real rest.” 


March 24, 2009. Crocheting, Fun Finds, Happiness, Life, Photography.

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