A Recording Session…

Hello everyone!

I thought I might give you all something to anticipate, even though it’s nowhere near completion! Many of my friends know that my best friend and I produced our first CD a year and a half ago… we’ve been working on a second, as our schedules allow, and hopefully we’ll be done with that soon. We also are very happy to have a guest singer/musician helping us out on our upcoming CD!

However, I’m also working on one of my own music… songs that I’ve written (and am currently writing!). I was blessed to have my piano tuner offer me the use of his lovely baby grand (mine is just too old and makes too many squeaky noises!) to record with, and Mr. Sound Tech and I headed there last weekend to record a few tracks. What a fun time! 

We had to “make do” at times, which included duct-tape (everyone’s best friend!!) and 1970’s headphones! At the end of about 5 hours of recording, we had two songs near completion, and one that was almost finished… I had written the last song the night before, and it still doesn’t have all the words! (But the piano sounds good!)



Mr. Sound Tech rigged up microphones to place inside the piano… this included duct-tape!



Mr. Sound Tech checking levels before recording the vocals. 

That last photo is grainy for a reason, I promise! We had the majority of the lights turned off in the room, since we didn’t want the microphones to pick up room noise. I had to change the exposure on the computer. Oh, and those are the headphones I was talking about… they were Mr. Sound Tech’s first pair that he ever purchased, in the early 70’s! And they still work great!


Hmm… I’m thinking it’s time for a cup of tea… God Bless, and have a wonderful day, everyone! 


“Just as my fingers on these keys make music, so the self-same sounds on my spirit make a music, too.”
~Wallace Stevens~ 


April 1, 2009. CD, Friends, Fun, Life, Music, Piano, Projects, Wednesday.

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