Lovely evening skies and a morning rain.

Hello friends!

Yes, I have been absent, partly because I wanted to leave the give-away post at the top of my blog, and partly because I’ve been delightfully busy. Yesterday was a big to-do at the store, involving all kinds of crafters, and that will continue through today too. I bought a BEAUTIFUL rocker that I fell in love with, which I will place in my “hopechest house” (my grandmother lets me store furniture in her old house). 

I pulled over the other day on my way home to take this lovely picture… I just couldn’t resist, with the color of the sky being so pretty! 


Oh, the beauty of evening skies!

This morning I awoke to pouring (and I mean POURING!) rain. Spring rain. The type that makes you want to walk barefooted outside when it’s still wet, and makes the air smell so good. Of course, the cat wasn’t too happy about it… she kept begging to go out, and when we opened the door, she would look up and beg us with her eyes to “make it stop!” However, she decided that it was better to live with the weather than to stay cooped up inside, and her perch of the morning has been the electric meter.  



“Please, make it STOP!”

I see blue skies beginning to peek out from behind the clouds, which is a very good sign! And the good thing is that I don’t have to water my garden this morning. 🙂 

I haven’t forgotten about the give-away, either! More information will be posted on Monday, I promise! 🙂 God Bless, and everyone enjoy this lovely morning!


April 11, 2009. Family, Fun Finds, Give-Away, Life, Rain, Saturday.

One Comment

  1. Sarah replied:

    When it is raining here, Hairy (ask Chris) goes to the back door to be let out, and once he sees that it is raining, he goes to the front door to be let out, hoping for better weather 😉

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