And we have… a few winners!

Hello everyone! 

It has been a busy, yet delightful week for me. How about you? I really enjoyed your comments on the give-away post. Such wonderful things to enjoy about spring! Since it was a small give-away, (and since I’m think the ladies participating won’t mind in the least) I’ve decided to give one kit to each of you! 

I’ll be sending it/in contact with each of you very soon! 🙂

In other news, I had a delightful weekend at the store (where I threatened Mom not to sell my Courageous Lion.), helping with the Open House. Those Daffodil and Violet pins in my shop went out like hotcakes, and I have a few orders for more! 🙂

The sun is shining today, and it looks like a very promising day. I’m hoping to get in my garden and see what’s happening with my plants, and pull a few weeds.

No pictures to share with this post, but be sure to go over and check out my sister’s blog, where she is giving away FREE photo sessions!!!!!! If anyone is living in her area, be sure to contact her! 

 With that being said, I need to get a move-on, and do something constructive! 🙂 God Bless, and have a wonderful day, everyone! 

“He started to sing
as he tackled the thing
That couldn’t be done,
and he did it.” 
~Edgar A. Guest~ 


April 13, 2009. Embroidery, Family, Friends, Fun Finds, Garden, Give-Away, Life, Monday, Shop.

One Comment

  1. Lena replied:

    Dear Katie,

    Your sweet embroidery kit of the basket filled with flowers, arrived just in time for May Day! I think that was perfect! Thank you so much for being so kind, and for sharing one with me. I love it, and think your presentation is so clever.


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