A joyous day!

Hello everyone! 

It has been a glorious day here, spent mostly out-of-doors, on my part at least! I was left in charge of the home this morning, and completed all the chores in record time, at which point I just had to get outside! I hung out two loads of laundry, dug up some daffodil bulbs, and just enjoyed the glorious weather! Next I ran errands, picked up lunch, and then ran to drop off the daffodil bulbs at my grandparent’s house.



A lovely flower in our front yard. I didn’t mess with the colors, I promise! Isn’t it stunning?


Our crab apple tree is beginning to show off her lovely spring flowers. When I went under the tree to take pictures, the whole tree was humming, there were so many bees eating their breakfast!

On the way back home, I spotted a yard sale, and promptly whipped off the road to see if there was anything I couldn’t live without. (NOTE: I already splurged when I found a citrus squeezer yesterday at a thrift store) At the yard sale I found two vintage mixing bowls to add to my hopechest collection, and a pretty plate and a few plain feedbags for a really cheap price! Hooray! Isn’t yard saling and thrifting the most fun ever? 🙂 When I came home I told Mom of all my adventures, and she laughed and said I was taking after my great-grandmother, Nana Anne. What a compliment! 😀

So now I need to head off and help make dinner. I hope you all have a marvelous weekend, I’m looking foward to a fun one! 🙂


April 17, 2009. Friday, Fun, Garden, Happiness, Hopechesting, Life, Spring.


  1. Kristin replied:

    We are a house of yardsale lovers! We haven’t been out yet this season, but we are quite a parade as we all unload from the van and descend upon a quiet sale!

  2. Lena replied:

    It sounds like my favorite kind of day. I have a citrus squeezer that my sister gave to me as a gift. It is one of the best presents I’ve ever received. I’ve been making homemade lemonade this week. With a sprig of mint. That’s one way that I know that spring is here. It’s raining here again, so it’s nice to have these little reminders. LOvely photos, Kate!

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