A lovely weekend

Hello everyone! I’m back from a glorious weekend, filled with family, fun, and lots of laughter. My family had a wonderful evening here on the farm. Dad and I worked in the garden until it was nearly dark! He was putting in the edging for his strawberry beds, while I was weeding, making a small fence for my peas to grow up on, digging out weeds, planting carrots, weeding, watering plants… and, oh, did I mention weeding? 🙂 

“Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.”
~A.A. Milne~


Recently I was able to get some neat photos while visiting a few historic towns, and thought you might like to see a few! 



A very interesting (and pretty!) door.



I want this tiny little cottage for my very own. Oh, how fun it would be! It is almost like a dollhouse; it is that cute. 



This Columbine is simply gorgeous! Too pretty for me to walk by, especially when there’s camera in my hand!


Well, I suppose I need to head off. God Bless, and I hope you all had a blessed Sunday! 🙂


“The man who wants a garden fair,
Or small, or very big,
With flowers growing here and there,
Must bend his back and dig.”
~Results and Roses; Edgar A. Guest~ 


April 26, 2009. Family, Fun, Garden, Happiness, Life, Photography, Quotage, Sunday.

One Comment

  1. Lena replied:

    That cottage, and the beautiful columbine are so pretty. You take such wonderful photos!

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