A refreshing rain

Today was warm. Too warm. Lovely, sunshiny, but warm. 

“What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance.”
~Jane Austen~ 

And then this evening, the clouds began rolling in. The thunder began, and before we knew it, my family and I were scurrying inside the house to watch the lightning from the windows.


Then came the most glorious of evenings. After the storm. The cool after-storm temperature. The wonderfully cool, wet grass that is perfect for tramping around barefooted. And after the storm, the Lord showed His glory in the sky. A more glorious sky, I haven’t seen in quite a while. Oh, it was lovely!



Through the looking glass… (a window, actually)


The raindrops barely show up on these pretty little purple flowers.


Well, I must be off to help with all kinds of things around the home. God Bless, and have a wonderful evening!


“Anyone who says sunshine bring happiness has never danced in the rain.”


May 9, 2009. Happiness, Life, Photography, Rain, Saturday, Summer.

One Comment

  1. viktoryian replied:

    I love the first photo! Lovely!

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