Packing. (Or, our weekend, part 2)

Part 2 of our weekend saga… Enjoy! For part 1, click here. <– link

Today we packed. And packed. Oh, and did I mention that we packed? I didn’t know so much stuff could fit in one small mini-van. In the end, the back of the van was packed so high that Dad couldn’t see in the rear-view mirror. The top of the vehicle held an antique table, grass green tent poles, and a water bucket. The bucket, bungee corded in, was a great source of amusement; including jokes that it was our weather gauge, and that we might need to gather our own water in case we ran out!

The looks we got from passers-by also provided lots of laughter, and we enjoyed being Beverly Hillbillies for a day. Mom, however, was embarrassed, and didn’t want to show off Dad’s extraordinary packing abilities. Much hilarity occured when she suggested we just “blend in.” And, of course, we must have a photo…



The van, complete with table, tent-poles, and the infamous bucket.



My reading material for the long ride… all three books of “The Tightwad Gazette,” by Amy Dacyczyn


We finally made it safe and sound, arriving in high style to unload our well-packed van, find all the tent supplies, and start the set-up. (Meanwhile we were just praying the rain would hold off until we finished set-up) Now Mom and I are “supervising,” seeing as we can’t help at the moment. This could be an interesting weekend…



Supervising while munching on pretzels.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Now that we’re home, I have lots of projects that I’ll be posting about soon, so be on the look-out. God Bless!


May 20, 2009. Family, Friday, Fun, Life, Reading, Wednesday, Weekend.

One Comment

  1. kim replied:

    I have tightwad I and II and didn’t know about the III! Woo-hoo – I’ll be looking for that now! Good choices! Happy packing!

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