A Wash-out. (Or, our weekend, Part 4)

Hello again, friends! This series of posts is almost finished, and it will be nice to get back to regular blogging again. For those that would like click the links below for Parts 1 through 3. 

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Raining. Pouring. Buckets of rain dumping out of the sky. We couldn’t set up, and spent the entire morning damp and chilly. We did have a fun time laughing at a bale of straw… yes, a bale of straw. See it had been set right under an area of run-off under a tent edge, and about every 1/2 hour a gallon or two of water dumped on top of it. The “straw sponge” became the joke of the day, and we considered telling people it was a very comfy seat, and they should try it (without telling them, of course, that it had been dumped with water all morning). We were good, and only told one man that, but he had already been watching the amount of water the straw sponge was drinking in. 😀

Later on in the day the rain began to lighten, and we were able to start breaking down the tents. Once we were done, we were soaking wet and chilled to the bone. However, the bucket had once again resumed the place of honor on top of the van, and truly became a weather gauge! 

Once we got back to the hotel, Mom and I grabbed some coffee, and we were shivering so much we almost WORE our coffee! Then we got laughing so hard when we couldn’t get the vending machine to take the soaking wet dollar bills… 

We’re all tired, and I think very happy to be done with wearing dripping wet Colonial clothed. The yucky weather has made this a very memorable weekend! 


(Sorry, no pictures this time, the rain just about did me in!)


May 22, 2009. Fun, Life, Rain, Sunday, Uncategorized, Weekend.

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