Thrifty Alterations…

Hello everyone! 

This has been a good day, had a morning out, and thenI got to come home and get quite a bit of work done sewing today! I FINALLY finished the slip-cover to my chair (which has taken me… well, too long to remember). All I had to finish was the seat cushion, and yet it sat there for months. Yellow slipcover, faded blue flowered non-matching cushion.

I also mended a cute dress that I tucked in the mending pile… umm… last summer. *sigh* I usually just never think about mending things, but I found it stashed in a cupboard and realized I just had to fix it so I could wear it! 

In other news, yesterday I made an “Ugly Bag” for my best friend’s graduation gift. (She said she liked it, so that’s what she got! Better be careful what you say you like…) It turned out a lot nicer than my first attempt, and a few more may be coming out of the rest of the coverlet soon. 



The slip-cover, all finished. The blanket is for the cat, who likes to sleep here and gets black fur all over it! 



The dress is one I bought on sale somewhere. I had ripped a small hole beside the split, and used this cute eyelet trim found last year at an antique show to cover up the mended area. Hooray!



I found this sweet skirt at the thrift store yesterday, and it fits perfectly! It has a few stains on it, but they are in the perfect place for a vintage patchy flower. Or maybe a few retro granny squares… the possibilities are endless. 


So, I finally get one thing mended, and I buy more to put in the pile! Oh well. 😛 


June 4, 2009. Clothing, Fashion, Fun, Fun Finds, Happiness, Life, Projects, Sewing, Thursday.

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