Hello, there!

I’m officially tired. After spending the morning out doing things, and a nice late afternoon surprise get-together with a very good friend, it has been a busy day! This past weekend totally wore me out, and lack of sleep is beginning to show.

So today while I was out shopping for more sewing thread and zippers and good stuff like that, I just *happened* upon a sale at Payless Shoes. Isn’t that just handy? I was thrilled, because I’ve been looking for a pair of white sneakers to add to my already-too-large shoe collection. (What’s even funnier is I don’t wear most of them!) Flip-flops are my shoe of choice during the summer months, because they are the closest thing to being barefoot. However, I am aware that going biking and doing other similar activities will create the need for a shoe that I can wear with sundresses or pants.

Enter the white sneaker. The worst thing about having small feet is that you have a hard time finding grown-up looking shoes in the kid’s section. The BEST thing about having small feet is that you can buy cute shoes for a LOT cheaper! Have you ever looked at the difference in shoe prices between women’s and girls? I got these for about $10.


I was looking for pictures taken in the 40’s or 50’s with the white sneaker/sundress look, but no such luck. This will have to do for now. (You can tell I’m tired, right?) 🙂

And it’s off to bed I shall trot, looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow.


July 6, 2009. Cars, Fashion, Friends, Fun, Life, Monday.

One Comment

  1. Kristin replied:

    Yes, I can find shoes for Maddie much cheaper than I can find for myself!

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