An amazing surprise!

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all having a nice week. Mine has been absolutely delightful! A mix of fun, family, and friends, with some sewing and summer fun mixed in.

This past week I went to a car show, and what a surprise awaited me there! My best friend, (who will be nicknamed “Flathead,” after his favorite engine… :-D) surprised me with a set of rails for my pick-up truck! I was so surprised and shocked. šŸ˜€ What a completely unexpected surprise, and they fit perfectly! I’ve already gotten so many compliments on how good they look with the truck. Hooray!


Don’t they look great? And, as a side note…
the evening sky was stunning when I took this photo!

Next up: I have to stain them a nice dark color. That will happen soon, hopefully!

Oh, we had the funniest (and terrible!) thing happen this morning! Mom was pulling homemade muffins out of the oven, and we noticed the element in the bottom of the oven was glowing… but only in one section. Thinking that a little bit of muffin batter had fallen on it, we watched it in amazement as the element began to set off sparks. However, it was when they started looking like fireworks we realized something wasn’t quite right. Sparks flying around in the stove, we quickly yelled for Dad, who came inside, took one look at it, and turned off the breaker, so the stove wouldn’t continue to heat. Turns out the element in the stove had begun to arc-weld itself, because it has gone bad. *sigh* So, we have two options: 1) Buy a new stove (ouch! the $$$$), or 2) wait until a new element arrives. We opted for the second choice. šŸ˜› Hopefully, it will be here soon… until then, we’ll be doing a LOT of grilling. Or maybe I’ll lug all my open-fire cooking gear out, and set up a “camp kitchen” outside!

“A good laugh is sunshine in the house.”
~William Thackeray~


July 9, 2009. '64 pick-up, Friends, Fun, Happiness, Life, Thursday.

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