Welcome 1st day of September! This is one of my favorite months of the year… the weather will slowly but surely begin to cool off, and we can welcome autumn. My favorite time of year. Hooray! Soon I can run outside and crunch leaves.

Yesterday, in honor of the dreary weather we had, I threw a chicken pot-pie in the oven. I tend to be the type that doesn’t use recipes when cooking food of that nature, so once the pie crust was chilling on the fridge, I just started throwing veggies in a pot. On a wing and a prayer, I finally threw the pie in the oven and turned on the timer. (I also can’t cook without a timer!)

Though I say it myself, this pie was most definitely yummy! I used fresh-ground flour in the crust because we’re out of white. Even though it makes the crust a little grainy, it blended well with the chicken and veggie filling. I just had to take a picture before we cut into it…



We had leftover chicken from one of those roast chickens you can buy in the deli section at the grocery store. I used potatoes, fresh baby carrots, fresh celery, a small onion, and added some garlic powder, salt and pepper while I let them boil together for about 15-20 minutes. I thawed some frozen chicken stock in a pot, and worked on rolling out the crust. Right before the veggies were done, I added some frozen peas and let them cook about 5 minutes. I added salt to the chicken stock, and thickened it with cornstarch. Once that was all done, I cut up the chicken and added it to the veggies (remember to drain out the water in the veggies!). Then I just poured it all into a deep-dish pie pan, and topped it with another crust! Bake it at 350 degrees for about an hour. (Until it’s bubbling.)

And for fun, a few of my favorite cooking quotes:

“What I say is that, if a man really likes potatoes,
he must be a pretty decent sort of fellow.”
~A.A. Milne~

“In the childhood memories of every good cook, there’s a large kitchen,
a warm stove, and simmering pot and a mom.”
~Barbara Costikyan~

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”
~A Room of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf~

~All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.”
~John Gunther~


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The beginning of The End.

It has been quite a busy couple of weeks, and I’ve been much too busy to be on the internet a whole lot. I’m all done piecing the top of my lovely new quilt, and am now moving into the quilting stage.


Thimbles and Needles and Thread, OH MY!


This will be my “battle station” for the next few weeks… or months, depending on how fancy I get with quilting.

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Hello everyone!

Today has been quite a full and busy one, and I’m tuckered out!

However, I had to share a picture with you, that puts a whole new meaning into the term “made by hand!” This evening I made an angel food cake (using a recipe from a King Arthur Flour cookbook) and of course, just a few minutes ago I had to cut the cake out of the pan and flip it onto the cake plate. What to do? This is always a dilemma for me, since the top of the cake is sticky and always tends to peel off that nice brown layer.

After staring at it blankly for a few minutes, I finally bit the bullet and just did it…


Made with love, by hand. 😉

God bless, and I hope you all have a wonderful evening!

“In cooking, as in all the arts, simplicity is the sign of perfection.”

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White and lacy.

Hello friends!

Today I had a friend come over, and we spent a delightful morning sewing together. We started a linen dress for her, and then I pulled out some white material I had found at Wal-Mart for a cheap price (why else would I have bought it? :-D) I had an idea brewing in my mind for a pretty WWI style Armistice style blouse. Cute idea, and although I started out with other plans for the whole sleeve area, it ended up being something entirely different.


The original idea out of my design-book.

So the original was inspired by something from Anthropologie, and was made out a sheer gauze and lots of stripey and lacey frills. Especially around the cap sleeves. It just looked like it was going to be too much for me, so I opted for a sailor-type collar instead.


The finished result.


The simple button and loop closure.


I ended up sewing the lace down by hand, it looks better that way.

No pattern used on this one, I just started out with the straight section in the front of the bodice, and used vintage lace I found at an antique show last year to make the front panel. Then I cut, fitted, and sewed the side and back panels together. Pretty simple, as there are no darts (hooray!!!!!), and no sleeves. The collar was probably the hardest part, because I couldn’t get the shoulder seam to lay right. I eventually figured it out, though! (Only after an hour of fighting it, though…)

Now I’m off to relax for the evening. God bless, and have a wonderful weekend!

“A woman can never be too fine when she is in white.”
~Mansfield Park~

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An amazing surprise!

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all having a nice week. Mine has been absolutely delightful! A mix of fun, family, and friends, with some sewing and summer fun mixed in.

This past week I went to a car show, and what a surprise awaited me there! My best friend, (who will be nicknamed “Flathead,” after his favorite engine… :-D) surprised me with a set of rails for my pick-up truck! I was so surprised and shocked. 😀 What a completely unexpected surprise, and they fit perfectly! I’ve already gotten so many compliments on how good they look with the truck. Hooray!


Don’t they look great? And, as a side note…
the evening sky was stunning when I took this photo!

Next up: I have to stain them a nice dark color. That will happen soon, hopefully!

Oh, we had the funniest (and terrible!) thing happen this morning! Mom was pulling homemade muffins out of the oven, and we noticed the element in the bottom of the oven was glowing… but only in one section. Thinking that a little bit of muffin batter had fallen on it, we watched it in amazement as the element began to set off sparks. However, it was when they started looking like fireworks we realized something wasn’t quite right. Sparks flying around in the stove, we quickly yelled for Dad, who came inside, took one look at it, and turned off the breaker, so the stove wouldn’t continue to heat. Turns out the element in the stove had begun to arc-weld itself, because it has gone bad. *sigh* So, we have two options: 1) Buy a new stove (ouch! the $$$$), or 2) wait until a new element arrives. We opted for the second choice. 😛 Hopefully, it will be here soon… until then, we’ll be doing a LOT of grilling. Or maybe I’ll lug all my open-fire cooking gear out, and set up a “camp kitchen” outside!

“A good laugh is sunshine in the house.”
~William Thackeray~

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Relaxing the spring away…

And so looking forward to a delightful summer! So happy second day of summer! 😀 This past weekend has been spent spending time with a good friend, riding in old cars, hanging out, and simply having a wonderful time. 

Yesterday I spent a little time in my lover-ly hammock, where a little friend joined me. After an hour of contemplation, she finally decided that it was okay to just hop in there with me, and so, she did. 



The birds overhead were very interesting.


The book I’m holding is part of a series I’m reading, the Mitford Series. You simply MUST read them. Oh, they are wonderful! I have been stuck in them for days. 

And, in other news, I finally got enough dandelions to try some dandelion-rose jelly. I spent the entire afternoon picking dandelions and then separating the yellow part of the dandelions from the green part. *sigh* That took a LONG time. It should be interesting, seeing as the infusion smells funny… hopefully, however, the infusion will be for color, and not for flavor… we shall see in the next few days! I’ll be sure to post more on that, especially if it turns out alright. 


Well, I will head out for now… more things to do! God Bless, and have a wonderful evening!

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I’ve been MIA for a short while, but it’s not because the creative juices aren’t flowing! In fact, quite the opposite… I ended up taking photos of most of the projects I’ve managed to complete in the last few weeks, and it was neat to put them together in my first-ever mosaic. Some of the photos are repeats for you, but bear with me. 🙂 After taking these photos I got an idea for one dress, and almost completely cut out another. Three cheers for having time to do fun sewing projects!





1. Dress., 2. Quick Fix, 3. Apron-y, 4. Red Dress…, 5. Sundress!, 6. Different.,
7. Contemplative…, 8. The last one., 9. Criss-cross,
10. GREEN., 11. Laughing at myself…, 12. Helping., 13. Linens

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

My next project… a reproduction 1930’s outfit… I hope it turns out, because I finally got the nerve to cut up my all-time favorite feedbag! 🙂 God bless, and have a wonderful day!


Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can.”
~Danny Kaye~ 

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Kentucky, er… Delaware Fried…

In the heat of the afternoon, after a delightful day spent with my best friend, I embarked upon a new journey. Southern Fried Chicken. The lights turned off to maximize the faint breeze blowing in the kitchen window, I gleefully spent 1 1/2 hours trying out a fried chicken recipe. And MY! was it ever good, though I do say so myself! 



The beginning stages.

I really did have a grand time, although my poor feet did get a little tired after 1 1/2 hours of being in the kitchen! It wouldn’t have taken so long, only I’d never done it before, I had about 3 other things cooking at the same time, and the chicken was still slightly frozen. Next time, I want to try smaller pieces of chicken, because I prefer more breading on fried chicken. The larger drumsticks are just a bit too large, in my opinion. 



I finally had to turn a light on, so I could see what I was doing. 


I love the sound of chicken frying in the pan. Delightful! I will most certainly be making this again… 🙂 And experimenting with the recipe to get it just right. Now I must head off for the evening… I’ll leave you with a few good quotes. 🙂 God Bless!

“If a man’s gonna eat fried chicken, he’s gotta get greasy.”

“In cooking, as in all the art, simplicity is the sign of perfection.”

“God will provide the victuals, but He will not cook the dinner.” 

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Thrifty Alterations…

Hello everyone! 

This has been a good day, had a morning out, and thenI got to come home and get quite a bit of work done sewing today! I FINALLY finished the slip-cover to my chair (which has taken me… well, too long to remember). All I had to finish was the seat cushion, and yet it sat there for months. Yellow slipcover, faded blue flowered non-matching cushion.

I also mended a cute dress that I tucked in the mending pile… umm… last summer. *sigh* I usually just never think about mending things, but I found it stashed in a cupboard and realized I just had to fix it so I could wear it! 

In other news, yesterday I made an “Ugly Bag” for my best friend’s graduation gift. (She said she liked it, so that’s what she got! Better be careful what you say you like…) It turned out a lot nicer than my first attempt, and a few more may be coming out of the rest of the coverlet soon. 



The slip-cover, all finished. The blanket is for the cat, who likes to sleep here and gets black fur all over it! 



The dress is one I bought on sale somewhere. I had ripped a small hole beside the split, and used this cute eyelet trim found last year at an antique show to cover up the mended area. Hooray!



I found this sweet skirt at the thrift store yesterday, and it fits perfectly! It has a few stains on it, but they are in the perfect place for a vintage patchy flower. Or maybe a few retro granny squares… the possibilities are endless. 


So, I finally get one thing mended, and I buy more to put in the pile! Oh well. 😛 

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Hello friends, I am back again. 

I’ve enjoyed taking an impromptu break from, basically, everything technological. I’ve managed to go yard-saling, sew, create things, cook, and have all kinds of fun adventures. Yesterday I went to a friend’s house to ride her beautiful mare, Copper. Copper is a very sweet and gentle creature, which is a VERY good thing, seeing as I hadn’t been on a horse in about 8 years! I will definitely be going back so we can ride together. 

Then I ran over to visit other friends, and look what I brought home in a spaghetti jar! 



Aren’t they just beautiful? And they smell heavenly!



A recent creation, a Peach and Strawberry Tart with
Chocolate Sauce drizzled on top. It turned out quite yummy!


Today is a day for cleaning, sewing, and just generally enjoying time at home. It’s gray and dreary outside, so it will be a good day to stay indoors.

God bless, and have a wonderful day! 


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